How We Work

We have come a long way in the 10 years since the inception of our company. We started as a proverbial “startup in a basement”, with a “team” of just a few developers (who by our today’s standards could hardly be called a team). But thanks to the effort of this handful of brilliant guys we’ve made a commercial success! Since then, we continuously grow and mature, going through several important milestones: scaling to a couple of component teams, undergoing Agile transformation, reorganizing into cross-functional feature teams and again scaling massively last year, to the point at which we’re now: about 100 people, organized into 11 Scrum Teams and a few Support Teams.

We definitely haven’t stopped to grow and improve, it’s a never-ending journey. However, we’ve already learned a lot and we’re constantly battle-testing what we learn. To share our hard-won experience with the community, we’ve created a presentation explaining our structure and process. Of course, this is just a snapshot of our methodology that’s constantly being tweaked and improved. At the time you’re reading this, our process is probably already a bit different. But nonetheless, we think some of the ideas may prove useful or inspiring to you, even though they’re not perfect or “frozen”. We’ll be also updating this presentation in case any major components of our approach change.

So let’s see what’s…