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Mobile Test Engineer

Zarobki: 15 000 - 21 000 PLN netto/miesięcznie na B2B
Miejsce pracy: Zdalnie lub Katowice
Data dodania: 28.07.2022

As a member of a team working in Scrum methodology you will participate in the full cycle of mobile application product development – from shaping ideas, through technical arrangements and development, to the presentation of results. Close cooperation with the business will allow you to have a real impact on the final look and functionality. Your opinion matters.


As a Mobile Test Engineer you will be responsible for:

  • ensuring high quality of implemented solutions for mobile applications by manual / automated tests
  • creating, maintaining and translating test scenarios into automated tests written in XCTest (Swift) / Espresso (Kotlin) in cooperation with developers (we will help to develop skills!)
  • development and maintenance of CI/CD processes on Jenkins in cooperation with developers
  • proactive cooperation with the team 


Technologies used in project:

  • Kotlin (Espresso) or / and Swift (XCTest)
  • Jenkins
  • API debugging tools (Fiddler / Postman / Charles)

We expect that:

  • you have experience in manual testing
  • you have programming skills to develop automated tests based on Espresso and/or XCTest or you know the basics of programming in any language so you are ready to learn new skills
  • you have the skills to analyze errors and look for their causes using various tools 
  • you will actively participate in discussions about business requirements and how to implement them from the technical side
  • you are inquisitive 🙂

We offer:

  • mature technological processes, so you can focus on new features
  • fully remote work
  • flexible and stable form of employment – employment contract or B2B
  • great development opportunities – working with the latest technologies, training
  • participation in industry meetups and conferences
  • a pleasant, open and friendly work environment in a globally recognized company